Artwork by Eva Tsang, Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish with Interesting stories ( 智尾巡洋然 · 奇趣聞聲動 )
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Artwork by Eva Tsang, Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish with Interesting stories ( 智尾巡洋然 · 奇趣聞聲動 )

Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish with Interesting stories

Artist: Tsang Sze Ki, Eva  - Hong Kong
Medium: ink, tempera and coloring on paper
Size: H  62cm x  L 52cm 
Year : 2022


“The Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish “Patrolling the ocean, and was attracted by the vibrating sound of the environment and glimpsed a strange scene.

The " Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish " in the work is created with the concept of elements of ternary color, combined with small triangle composition, adding structural beauty.


畫題 :智尾巡洋然 · 奇趣聞聲動

畫家 : 曾斯琪女士,香港

創作媒介:水墨、蛋彩設色 紙本


高 62cm  x 長52m 

創作年份 : 2022


"Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish "在海上巡逻时,被环境的震动声所吸引,瞥见了一个奇怪的场景。

作品中的 "Calico Ranchu Petrol Golfish "是以三元色元素的概念创作的,结合小三角构成,增加了结构美。

The "PEA" style of Art / 艺术的 "PEA "风格


PEA, an abbreviation for Potential Expressionist Art, is a metaphor for the ‘pea’ which constitutes the heart of a mythological story called Princess and the Pea.

A pea, buried in the soil and being watered, may grow to as high as haotian (meaning ‘boundless skies’). Haotian refers to a unique land bearing the connotation that on the road of artistic exploration, one has to cultivate solid roots (the foundations of sketching, aesthetics and design elements); with such a cornerstone, one can achieve in the boundless realm of art, unleashing one’s potential to the fullest.

Potential Expressionism is a systematic training encompassing aesthetics, design, history and culture. It aims to evoke one’s latent creativity via breaking all conventional shackles to arrive at one’s own artwork. By first encouraging one to make visual marks at random, one is then directed to trace those patterns and associate them with one’s personal belief and aspiration, historical memory, aesthetical inclination, and ultimately creating one’s unique artwork.

Everyone has his or her own hidden potential. What’s important is to search for and give free reign to it !

PEA 是英文Potential Expressionist Art 的縮寫,當中有指涉〈碗豆公主〉此一神話故事中碗豆所蘊含的喻意。一顆碗豆,埋下泥土,澆水便可成長至「昊天」,一個別有洞天的域地,意謂在藝術路上,只要有根(根植素描、美學與設計等基礎元素),有了基石,便可成就於藝術無界地域,隨心所欲發揮潛能。


每個人背後都隱藏著不同的潛能,端的是能否被發掘出來並加以發揮 !


Kobaien products used in this work
( 这项工作中使用的古梅園产品 ) :

Shourai ( 松籟)   青藍色 


Ink color with blue, blue ink color, can be adjusted with different shades of secondary color, the ink strip has a delicate ink fragrance.

Akyou Yuenboku ( 阿膠油煙墨)


Ink ribbon blue color, brightness and saturation is high, happy to mix yellow colors to produce secondary color, different tones of green color, it is in line with the needs of the painting.

Saibiboku (彩美墨,The Ink of Color and Beauty, Kobaien)


The product gives the painter very convenient effect in use, the hue of the natural color is suitable for painting scenes of natural environments’, such as sand wood, plants and other categories.In the near future, we hope that manufacturers can provide more different color series of products for us to choose.

Gosaiboku (五彩墨,Five color inks )


The color of the products is very suitable for painting goldfish, because the color of the ink strip is high saturation and bright in tone, and its advantages are not easy to find other products instead.

5 STAR KOUKABOKU ( 五星紅花墨 )


Unforgettable fragrant ink fragrance, shiny ink color, highlighting the ink image.


~ 產品的顏色特別具獨特性,黑色墨中呈現出有藍色色系的元素,阿膠青墨混合黃色,會產生個人喜愛的次生色綠色色系;



~ The color of the products is particularly unique; the black ink presents elements with blue colors. Akyou Sieiboku ink mixed with yellow, will produce a personal favourite secondary colour green colour tone.

~ The ink strips contain rare colloids, making the fluidity of the ink easier to control.

~ The ink colour tone is highly saturated, but soft. Dilution with water, it can be reflected different blue or green effects under different lights, making the painting unforgettable and found;

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