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FAQ: tattoo and Kobaien inksticks

FAQ: tattoo and Kobaien inksticks

Purchasing and using our Kobaien inksticks for any purpose other than its original purpose ( For example, calligraphy, painting ) is at your own risk. Whatever happens, we are not responsible for it.

Some Japanese traditional tattoo artists do use the high quality inksticks, saying Kobaien's inkstick particle is very small and extra fine, and  the ink is made of natural materials without any  chemical preservation agent.

The inksticks they use are; 

The inkstick is very delicate to the human body.

Once those tatoo artists make a liquid ink from the stick ink, they must use it in 24 hours, as long as it is fresh.

They don't keep it to the next day because it is made of pure canola oil soot and animal glue, with  no chemical preservation agent.  

The liquid ink becomes deteriorated and damaged and can be  harmful to human body if it is kept to the next day. If the temperature is high, it will rot quickly.

So we do not recommend using our inksticks for tattooing.

Neither liquid sumi ink. You can not make a liquid sumi ink without chemicals like preservatives, thickeners, convection agents because the liquid sumi ink is for painting and calligraphy, not to inject into the human body. 

We are not at all responsible for any accidents or health hazards caused by using inksticks for tattooing.


  • Generally speaking, for Japanese traditional ink painting and calligraphy, soft water (especially hardness 20-60) is good to use. It is said that soft water is better for dispersion of the ink particles, color elongation, and especially smooth writing and drawing.

    - Ichi ink, Japan
  • Can you advise on what liquids to use with the ink sick

    - Paul kriehn

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