18 color Kobaien's inkpads ( 印朱 ) are available now!

18 color Kobaien's inkpads ( 印朱 ) are available now!

Hello everyone! We have added Kobaien's various inkpads ( 印朱 ) to our range of products for sale.


It is called Inshu ( 印朱 ), which is sometimes used in the same sense as Chinese Yìnní ( 印泥 ), but there are some differences.

First of all, Yìnní ( 印泥 ) is made in China, while Inshu ( 印朱 ) is made in Japan. The materials used for each are slightly different.

Inshu ( 印朱 ) is made from sublimated mercury sulfide, called Ginshu ( 銀朱 silver red ink), with pigments, plant and Japanese paper fibers, then kneaded with castor oil, pine resin, and other ingredients.

Inshu ( 印朱 ) is said to be slightly harder than Chinese Yìnní ( 印泥 ).

There are 18 colours in total, from first to third grade. Three sizes are available: 60 mm, 75 mm and 90 mm.

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