Junyouboku Aokei ( Bluish black, For practice, 純溶墨 青系 ) Sumi liquid ink -

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Junyouboku Aokei ( Bluish black, Liquid ink 純溶墨 青系 )

Junyouboku Aokei ( Bluish black, For practice, 純溶墨 青系 ) Sumi liquid ink -


Product information

这种墨水是为最好的 "书法和绘画作品 "而开发的。它可以在纸上表现出美丽的斑点和深度。


100ml(130grams) ) 

This ink was developed for the best "calligraphy and painting works". It can express beautiful blotting and depth on papers.

It is a concentrated sumi liquid ink for artwork, diluted 3 to 20 times with water.

This product contains artificial chemical preservatives. It is not for use on tattoos.

Junyouboku Aokei ( Bluish black 純溶墨 青系 古梅园(古梅園 ) 墨汁 墨液 ) Kobaien sumi liquid ink 由古梅园(古梅園)制造 manufactured by KOBAIEN, Nara, Japan

How does KOBAIEN ( 古梅園 ) make sumi inksticks in Japan?

How do you grind inksticks?

Ms. Junko Azukawa, a contemporary calligrapher and ink painter in Australia, explains how to use stickinks.